Angelene Harris
Angelene Harris

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I’m curious you see – about the world, about people, about what makes things, it, them, you – tick.
When some people are asked if they can do something new a majority of people will answer “I can’t do that, I don’t know how” most of the time my response is “I don’t know that I can’t do that, so let’s give it a crack”. Couple this attitude with a touch a fearlessness and a love of all things random and it leads to an interesting life full of many experiences.
Born to perform, born to entertain, born to emote and connect. The joy that I get from performing is so ….. pure, I feel like I shine brighter when I sing and I certainly feel that whatever it is, it’s bigger than me – my job really is to be the carrier and share this amazing ‘thing’ with people.
As a child growing up in the beautiful Waitaki Valley my life was always a music video. I was constantly singing, dancing, putting on shows to no-one & everyone and there was not a single hairbrush in the household that wasn’t used as a microphone.
Early years punishing my classmates by making them watch my talent quest entries and eventually ending up on NZ TV show ‘What Now’ as a contestant in ‘The Pinky Starquest’ did nothing to dull the flame of creativity that had been slowly burning in the early years.
Fast forward to 2004 and I actually did something about it and started formal singing lessons it was in that 1st year that I was told my beautiful yet quiet, timid voice could be as loud as my speaking voice – the bemused look on my face clearly reinforced that I did not know how that was possible.
Years of lessons and slowly growing confidence led to starting to learn guitar in 2009, discovering I could write songs in 2010 and then getting really serious about music and allowing myself to believe that this childhood dream was what I really wanted to do with my life.
In June 2012 I recorded in a studio for the 1st time and was able to release labour of love songs ‘Over the Water’ & ‘Loving You’ – the 1st songs I ever wrote.
As of January 2013 I have been a full time musician, supporting myself with gigs as I work on building a sustainable music career.